Benefits of Picket Fence

Wood Fence

Things to Check While Choosing Wooden Fence

If you want to make a fence or a separation of garden, we must begin by considering the following points:

What is the purpose of the fence and what are the requirements?

What impact will it have on your garden or your home?

Consider the effect on brightness and shading.

Does the fence have to withstand shocks caused for example by children or dogs?

Do you want it to be blackout or let in light?

wood installers near meIt's always a good idea to consult a wood installers near me and share the ideas with neighbors to find out what they think. You could even share the fees! You may need to obtain a permit to build the fence. When in doubt, consult local government services.

Types of fences 
A wire fence installs quickly enough and is one of the most economical and easy-to-maintain fences.

Gabion Wall

Wire racks filled with stones or bark are increasingly used to create garden partitions. This type of fence is quite easy to make, but solid foundations are essential for lockers filled with stones.


A hedge can be easily planted, but it will need to be pruned regularly. Suitable plants: ivy on fence, conifers, boxwood, beech and pine. This type of fence protects less well against intrusions.

Wood Screens Wood
It is a natural material in a garden and is suitable for fence construction. You have the choice between different types of wood, European trees or exotic species. The cost and method of installation depend primarily on the height and structure chosen for the fence.

Delimitation of the fence 
Determine the location of the fence and level the ground as much as possible. Measure the total length and locate the position of the main and intermediate stakes. Divide into equal sections. The main stakes are placed at the end of the horizontal planks, which are 4 m long. Start with an overall sketch and then determine the materials and dimensions needed. After delineating the fence, you can mark the height of 1.8 m. Stretch a line to ensure proper alignment of stakes.

Standard fences
A wide choice of fences, with sections and various materials, is proposed in the garden centers. Most have specific lengths and heights, and are of varying quality and price.

wood installers near me

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