Benefits of Picket Fence


Wooden Fence – Role of a Contractor

Wooden fence is the most natural and versatile kind of fence, perfectly harmonizing with buildings made of wood and other natural materials. There are many options for constructing such a fence, from openwork structures from a thin fence or carved elements, to impenetrable boards from tightly fitted boards, from decorative boards, in height to meters, fences, to inaccessible tall structures, with massive pillars.

wood picket panelsA beautiful wooden fence does not just designate the territory and serves as an obstacle for uninvited guests; it is a full and important element of design. Planning with wood fence contractor for the construction of such a fence should be done before landscape marking and planting. In addition to fully wooden fences, the options that combine elements made of stone or brick with inserts made of wood look great. 

Due to its properties and the reputation of the tree as a classic, traditional material, wooden fences are applicable not only in suburban construction, but also in urban development. The wooden fence, whose price is relatively low, successfully competes here with fences made from other common and modern materials, without losing any popularity, despite its considerable age.

How to prolong the life of a wooden fence
No matter how far the technique has moved, a simple wood picket panels has been popular and popular for several decades. Perhaps this is due to some magical effect of natural wood and perhaps purely economic considerations. Wooden fence is relatively inexpensive, materials are available, and the manufacturing process is so simple that everyone can build it themselves. All this is true, but the correct operation and maintenance of such a fence is very difficult. 
Wooden fence, like any wooden structure, requires special care and attention, as it constantly undergoes various scourges, such as precipitation, sun exposure, insects, fungus, decay, etc.  

wood picket panels

If you decide to put a wooden fence, then you must start to look after it before you install it. The first thing to do is; if possible, clear the zone of its installation from vegetation. Quite often a plot along the projected fence is covered with colored gravel, which solves not only practical but also aesthetic tasks. 
Before installing the fence, you should consider protecting the poles, regardless of whether they are metal or wooden. Particular attention should be paid to the protection of logs and vertical planks or fences. Before fixing them, treat the ends of the wooden parts with bitumen (except for the lower part of the posts). By the way, ready-made sections that are sold in various companies have already undergone such processing. To protect the tree from the effects of the fungus, treat it with an antiseptic. It is better to do this in the spring and autumn. 
To increase the life of the fence after installation, it should be treated with a primer, preferably one containing linseed oil. Wood at the same time should be as dry as possible, the weather warm and windless, better cloudy and most attentively to the processing of the ends.